Over the course of my unemployment I’ve been learning about affiliate marketing, the how-to and the how-don’t.  Personally, I struggle a bit with that whole content writing block.  There are some niches that just are outside of my grasp at the moment – such as the topic of affiliate marketing itself.  Besides, when you want to write content you want it to be good and I just haven’t reached that level of satisfaction yet.

However, this is a most exciting adventure that my heart craves!  Not only that, I am starting a website with Sam.  We are nailing down the details but I hope that people will come to enjoy it from all around.

For the changes, the main one will be the function of this blog.  Let me reintroduce myself:  my name is Teisha.  Sam is my man, and I write on here while I sip on my teas and coffees of all sorts!  My biggest hobby in all the land seems to be collecting tons of random information and learning about whatever is pulling at my brain.

This blog will remain mostly unchanged – it’s my actual website that is going to be changing.  I started cozy-at-home.com as a website to practice some lesson modules on affiliate marketing with the perk of educating people about affiliate marketing as I went.  That’s not really where my heart lies and I had been struggling.  The normal not wanting to work thing.

But I crave to want to work.

So, I’ve decided to make it my more website for information.  Still kind of like a blog but think more recipes and etc.  Still talking about making money online, but the overall focus is on coziness – both financially and in the home.  My home is my refuge and many people don’t have that quite yet.

“Coziness” is a bit vague in terms of a niche, but the more I write, the more confident I will feel about it all.  And I hope that some of you who are curious may come to check out Cozy @ Home here.  That will lead you to my homepage.

I still plan on posting here.  I think I need it for times of reprieve.  I also think that maybe I should start including some nice pictures on here.  Aside from the one I posted of that little chibi I made.  Oh, I do hope that in the future my plans come to fruition.  I also hope that whatever it is you are planning, you succeed and learn from your failures (as I hope to be).

Take care!