Recently I’ve scrambled about due to a flu in the apartment:  my poor Sam-bear.

One sunny, winter afternoon, I popped down the hill to our local health food store, and then over to our local grocery store.  As a general rule of thumb we like to support as many of our mom-and-pop shops as possible.  And it is not always as bank-breaking as you might expect!

Last time Sam was sick, I ventured there for some lozenges.  I chose some Ricola and Elderberry + Zinc lozenges and some expectorants.  Then hopping over to the grocery I picked up a variety of pre-cut fruits:  pineapple (for throat pain), cantaloupe (for hydration), blueberries (antioxidants), and bananas (for a smoothie).  As requested, there was also some vapor rub and DayQuil.

Upon arriving home, I cranked out a smoothie to give his body some nutrition and broke out the DayQuil.

While that happened, I set myself to cleaning and trying to shoo the sickness that was hanging about in the air.  Such stagnant air!  Do you ever feel that way when you are around housemates who are sick?

Right now, after about a week of Sam being sick, we’ve been waiting for me to show signs. For a spot I had developed a bit of an itchy and dry throat with some coughs but that’s long gone.  When I had bought the lozenges, I consumed three Elderberry ones over the next couple of days.  They had such a lovely taste!  Tangy like candy…

A couple of days I boiled some water in my fancy electric kettle (so useful) and made a herbal tea.  Since Sam has this beautiful glass teapot, I sliced lemons and lined the infuser basket with them, sprinkled in chopped ginger root and sweetened it with honey as a sort of get-well tea.  My though, it look so charming in this glass pot.  When the water finished boiling I poured it over the ingredients and let it steep for roughly 6-7 minutes.

Traditionally, I would normally boil the ginger for quite some time.  In honesty I didn’t feel like waiting for that to finish and Sam did ask me very nicely for some tea.  We sipped on that for a while watching a few of our favorite YouTubes.

In the next, post I hope to have figured out a good way to photograph the tea pot!  Until then, I hope you are keeping well and have avoided the flu.  : 3

Be warm, and drink more tea!