Mm, peppermint tea.  This might be one of the most popular drinks I have on this blog.  Dearly delicious and easy to access, peppermint really warms up and refreshes the soul.  And it might also be a nice boost for your digestive gut!  A hot cup in hand is all I need for a crisp, winter’s day.

Today the predicted axe came down:  I, with full knowledge, called in and earned my tipping point at Walmart.  A couple weeks ago I hyperextended my knee (which made this loud cracking noise) and things were still all right. Until recently, when one night after drinking I ran down the sidewalk trying to help a friend catch their puppy, I woke to find my knee swollen and in pain.  My whole day was spent applying the RICE mething (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) and thinking, “What matters more to me?  My body, or my job?”  Things were on a downward spiral at work already with a recent dispute with one of my supervisors.  It led to me putting in my notice to leave, seeking better options. And I would have finished out had my knee not been acting up.  I struggle with my joints daily and my health is something that I’ve taken for granted.  Or mostly neglected otherwise.  There was also the struggle for why I had taken the job in the first place:  my boyfriend.  We were able to have the same schedule and routines at work.  Always went to break together, always went to lunch together were big bonuses.  We saved a lot of money from this:  less gas on traveling (especially grocery shopping after work), less money on food (no take-outs, impulse buys).  Really those two things alone helped me reach my goal consistently of saving 30% of every paycheck to fund a savings account.  All these things came crashing down the night I called in.  And I broke down.  Tears for all the times lost that I spent with my boyfriend.  Tears for all the comfort and security in having a stable income.  Tears for feeling like a failure because I hurt myself in a stupid way because in the end, I chose my body over work.

And here I am, with an understanding boyfriend, unemployed.  So here’s what I did and will continue to until my income is solved:

1) I got up and just sort of mentally shuffled around trying to deal with my new status.  Why oh why did I call in when I had those depressive bouts?  Why couldn’t I have been stronger?  But that’s silly because I have every right to take care of myself.  Just like you do.

2) I finished a drawing that I had been working on in Procreate.  I bought it (for $5.99) a little over 2 weeks ago and I am ADDICTED.  A friend of mine has been into digital art for a while and draws cartoons for our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.  Gloriousness.  Since, I wished even more to try and lacked the extra cash to purchase some mainstream program and a drawing tablet with some clout.  By some luck I clicked on a YouTube video while cleaning. It opened a whole new world to me.  Suddenly the iPad my moms had given me was useful.  I might be out for some potential cash but there was hope!

Ha, next time I should try getting sponsored.

My creation!  And now the new mascot for my blog:img_0030

While there are some things about the drawing itself that bug me, I feel confident enough to display it.  Isn’t nice to have a picture now?

3) Research stay-at-home options. Between the scams and legitimate but boring ones, there are also… more jobs.  And like a real job you actually have to work at it.  Can you guess what I am maybe throwing my hand at? ; 3

4) Research money saving options.  You hear the usual B.S. (morning coffees) But every now and then you will hear a gem:  calling a service and asking to cut your bill.  There’s advice out there and some of it is good or bad.  And all that really depends on you.  I’ve also found that you can save a lot by spending time at other people’s places eating their food.  Hopefully their your friends, but kudos if they’re family.

5) Mope around.

6) Watch videos on Dungeons and Dragons.  I should probably just write a separate article about this…

7) Clean. Washed the dishes and put away the already clean ones.  Wiped down all the counters and swept the carpet and tiles.  Yes, swept.  Did you know that you could sweep dirt off of your carpet?  Ha, it’s a nice alterior to not trying to clean the carpet. I actually have been sweeping rugs and carpets since I was a high school lass.  Also folded all the clean laundry and tucked them away and collected all the dirty clothes, put the jackets away in their proper places.  Again I realize I have too many coats.  I also made our bed which is something I am beginning to do more of now.  Doesn’t it just complete a look?

8) Reorganized my binder.  I am trying to keep a binder full of all the important information like money, goals, planner, work history. Ah, work.  That reminds me.

9) Apply to jobs.  I’ve actually applied to 2 jobs thus far.  If I am lucky they will call me back soon!  Or at all in general.  During this crucial time I kicked myself for not having a resume typed out and saved, something that must be remedied.  Lately I am practicing kindness for myself and trying to invest in a job that comes with some kind of benefits.  Oh man, I pray pray pray.  Because that’s the only other way I know to invest energy in at the moment after applying.  Could also do the creep by and “ask about the status of my application”.

10) Invite friends over for some Catan.  Since the holiday season when my boyfriend and I played with his family, there lay in wait this smoldering resentment for losing.  Every game of Catan I lost.  Now that is no more!  I invited two of my friends that I regularly game with (D&D forever) to try it out and they loved it.  There was a close call with cries for a rematch.  Until next time my dear friends when we will see who conquers the island of Catan.

And that is everything I did today and yesterday as well as some of the mulling of the week.  When I first started planning out this post I had intended for it to be comical.  That’s not how it reads but there is some humor in it for me.  Flipping through pages of application advice made me wonder, what are other people doing while they are looking for jobs?  Maybe I care more because I am older. Maybe I want more reasons to relate to people other than unemployment.  If you are unemployed and searching, I hope that you are doing well and kindness reaches you.

Blessed be.