Sipping on some (unintentionally) cold coffee and Kailua with some almond milk creamer.

I’m applauding myself for sticking with my goals lately:  my biggest goal is to stretch every morning to help wake myself up and to get off on a good foot.  Simple stretches to build up some flexibility in my whole body as well as break up some tension.  Really though, my end goal is to help preserve my back.  Over the past year I’ve realized just how much stiffness I hold in my back, neck and shoulders.  And it just plain bites.  No one wants to be in constant pain – something I’m a little too familiar with.  After a few schedule adjustments I’ve steadily felt improvement.  My back doesn’t ache after work as often as it used to.  Gently, while stretching, I also wiggle my body from side to side and really lean into it.  This helps to move the stretch over different parts.  Heavenly.  I’ve also begun to incorporate some back exercises to help strengthen those muscles!  After a while, I just started to notice how much more worked my core was and how neglected my back was.  All of it adds up into a happier healthier back.

After that though, what do I do with my mind?  Reflecting is nice but I definitely could be doing more to keep up my mental faculties.  I think back to all my goals of getting out of the minimum wage hole and climbing to a higher pay.  If I could even make $30,000 a year I’d be so much better off.  It’s odd to think.  Do you remember playing Life?  If any of us got a salary below $60,000 we’d complain.  Or at least all my friends and I did.  $60,000 is so much money to me right now that I can’t even comprehend how I might get that much!  There are the tried and true methods:  college and/or tech schools.  And the more I think about asking for guidance in my studies I often wonder, how much does my discipline cost?  Digging deeper, how much does my inactivity to teach myself the things I want to know, cost me?  I have enough in student loans but maybe I should ground it with learning.

This is not a new debate. I’m actually hoping that the next time I write something, you’ll see a little improvement here. So here’s to working smart and hard!  Good luck with your dreams!